Why Do We Exist?

Life is to enjoy, and almost everyone enjoys comics. We want to spread more enjoyment to more people, for free.

Fun is Good!

Comic book-based “geek culture” has taken over mainstream culture for good reason – because it’s fun! Everyone likes to have fun.

Why We Make Comics Free & Easy

The Farrago Comics Mission is no less than to usher in a new “Platinum Digital Age” for comic books and graphic novels. The decades-old, print-centric model of charging per book was based on high printing and physical distribution costs which no longer make much sense in the new digital realm. And how many readers want to pay $4 or more to “own” a file that is read quickly and holds no resale value?

As quick history, print comics in the 50’s-80’s were relatively cheap and widely accessible, and popular with tens of millions of kids and adults in the U.S. alone. In the early 80’s prices started to rise and the collector market became overheated; by the early 90’s Marvel was going bankrupt as comics retreated into mainly dark, uninviting comic shops. Audience and sales fell, and generally only the strongest superhero titles survived.

On the creator side, hundreds (thousands!) of awesomely talented writers and artists had super hard times gaining followings, or making anything from their work. For the vast majority who were not directly employed by a large publisher (and held no rights to their own work), creating new stories and characters, then marketing them at shows became a side business or passionate hobby.

Finally, while print stagnated the internet grew in the 00’s, but digital downloads of comics were kept at the same price as print. So digital sales never took off, and are still barely growing today, while digital sharing and piracy have zoomed upward. Paid demand has been suppressed by a truly outdated system dominated by a few large publishers and a physical distribution monopoly.

So we thought, why not employ a truly digital model for comics by following the successful “freemium” content strategy so popular now in music, videos, books, and heck, even TV? With a cry of “Comic Book Freedom!” our goal is to lead millions of readers back to the joy of discovering great comic art and stories. This freedom applies equally to creators and comics writers both old and new, as we will help them earn money from ads, merchandise, film rights, and even premium-level subscriptions.

Will you help everyone win? With your help, together we can raise comic book and graphic novel popularity to new heights, in the process helping very talented creators make the better living they deserve! All you have to do is download our engaging and beautiful free mobile app to your phone (works great on any size phone) or tablet (looks especially awesome on large screens!), and enjoy great comic books – what could be easier than that?!?

Farrago Founders

Martin Fleischmann,
Chief Executive Officer

Marty is a veteran entrepreneur, guiding companies through several stages. He was CEO and co-founder of an online insurance lead generation firm which, in 2006, hit #80 on the Inc500 and was #1 on Georgia Tech Fast 50. He was named a Catalyst Magazine Top 25 Atlanta entrepreneur in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Marty spent a year at AutoTrader.com in its infancy in 1999, and before that, seven years in management consulting in D.C. and Atlanta. He created EnergyFool.com in 2011-12 as an energy efficiency lead service, then in 2012-14 Marty was CMO briefly at an Atlanta-based online education company before helping guide marketing strategy for the leading non-profit online university. Since mid-2014 he has focused on growing Farrago Comics into the “Spotify for Comic Books” by expanding the U.S. comics-reading audience 10-20x.

Marty founded and chairs the Atlanta Business Chronicleʼs 40 Under 40 Alumni Group, and as an active board member of the 21st Century Leaders Group helped to create Georgia’s 20 Under 20 Awards. Marty earned a B.A. magna cum laude with distinction in Economics from Yale, where he was a coxswain on the heavyweight crew team, and earned an MBA from Wharton Business School, where he was managing editor of TheWharton Journal, coxed, and was in the cast of the annual Wharton Follies. He likes to stay busy.

Matthew Lieberman,
Chief Development Officer

Matt is a graduate of Yale College where he was also on the crew team, and Yale Law School where he was selected as a Coker Fellow. Matt has been at the center of start-up ventures in the not for profit, political, and for profit sectors. While in law school he started the New Haven Cares voucher program, a market-driven response to the issues of hunger and homelessness. Upon graduation he became the founding executive director of the I Have a Dream program in the New Haven public school system, funded by philanthropic leaders to ensure college opportunity for a large cohort of New Haven students.

Matt worked as a fund raiser, senior strategic adviser and lead surrogate on the 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns. In the for-profit world, Matt is the Founder and President of Compass Benefits, Inc. He specializes in the development, placement, and administration of specialized health benefit programs. His clients include some of the world’s most powerful law firms, leading hospitals and universities, and corporations. Matt is leading publisher and channel partner development for Farrago.

Matty Ryan,
Chief Creative Officer

Matty is a designer with a Masters in Graphic Design from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). He has over 15 years of experience in the comic book industry and printing world as a designer doing logo, poster, website and book design. He worked as a designer and art director for Marvel Comics for 4 years, freelance letterer for Image Comics and Oni Press among other publishers in comics, was a designer for the Atlanta Hawks for 7 years, and worked on the in-store retail environment for The Home Depot for 2 years.

As an industry veteran, Matty knows many leading creators personally and is intimate with the comic book creative and production processes. He has been talking to and recruiting creators to be on the platform for over two years. Matty heads ongoing content curation and production systems, as well as oversees creator/content recruitment.