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Never before has the boundary between geek culture and mainstream culture been so porous. Connect directly with this huge market!

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Farrago Comics helps top creators of comic books connect with comic fans via a unique ad-supported model that positions advertisers as essential partners in bringing free content to the masses.

Our audience loves comic books, and will appreciate the companies making them free to read!

Overall, working with us and our audience offers your company a great way to get your message across favorably! We will help you get a great response and make the most of your advertising budget. Drop us a line to the right and let’s talk.

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Why Work With Farrago Comics?

Farrago Comics is a beautiful free app that connects the top comic book writers, artists, and publishers with comic fans. Here are just a few reasons to fall in love with Farrago:

Our readers understand that our partners enable them to read free comics, creating goodwill and positive brand exposure.

We support new and emerging creators too—bringing the best content available into the spotlight.

Farrago can help you understand what books readers of different types enjoy, and how your ad can connect with audiences.

Movies, TV and games that celebrate comics and graphic novels are hugely popular. Tap into this huge and ever expanding market.

We live in a creative culture. We position you as a patron of the arts – bringing creativity and culture to your target demographic.

You can sponsor a whole genre, or allow readers to avoid ads in some books with your message at the start and end. We’ll show you how!

Audience Insights

We have met thousands of current and potential comic book and graphic novel fans of all ages at comic cons, shows and online. It’s clear that there’s a massive demand for comics when made free and accessible – which means an opportunity to engage tens of millions of readers, both in the U.S. and around the world

Farrago has readership

Research indicates many times more people will illegally download a digital comic than buy one; we believe it’s better to stream them free and grow this engaged audience legally.

Farrago has readership

While half a million people in the U.S. buy print comics any given month, 5 million might read digital versions (paid or unpaid) and 50 million like comics on social media but would never buy them.

Farrago has readership

The market for free comics is huge — a large of the U.S. would read comics for free, and that is just a fraction of the international audience that will or does.

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Everyone loves free comics, take a look at some of the folks helping spread the word about Farrago Comics!

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