We Feel Your Pain

We know so many millions of you like (or used to buy) comics, but they cost so much! Get lost in our cool new worlds, pay nothing but attention!

The New Normal

The vast majority of internet users stream free music, video, or books in the U.S. — why should should comic books be any different?

Let “Comic Book Freedom” Ring!

For decades now the outdated pay-per-book print model has led only to high prices and declining readership. Print comics are great, but for reading on your tablet or phone, you just want to stream and read. Why pay for a digital book that takes 15-20 minutes to consume, and be left with a file that has no collection value?!?

So we built a beautiful app where nice full screen ads don’t get in the way of story; the vast majority you just turn the page like a magazine – much less intrusive than ads in music apps. We know there are tens of millions of you who would love to spend hours lost in comics and discover new stories; now Farrago Comics has made that truly easy to do without any barriers.

Why Read Farrago Comics?

In short, we love comic books as much as you do! Our goals are to allow many more people to enjoy them, and many more creators to write them. So we built our platform with these priorities:

Yes, all the books are free with a nice full-page ad every 4th page; not intrusive and less ads than most print magazines!

Optimized for your reading pleasure! Use convenient features like offline reading, zoom, and personal libraries.

We support all creators, old and new — giving them a bigger audience and ways to make a better living.

We constantly update with fresh and diverse content to satisfy comic book cravings of every type.

Our enormous library is available on multiple platforms, so you’re covered no matter where you like to read.

We’re comic book fans first, so we listen to our readers and integrate their feedback into everything we do.

We've Got Fans

Everyone loves free comics, take a look at some of the folks helping spread the word about Farrago Comics!

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What a thirsty dog on a road trip looks like. And it's water, not coffee! #roadTrip #dogs https://t.co/IWmLxMCTtY
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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best in 2017!
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